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Gamers generally fall into two categories; the ones who play using laptops and those who prefer gaming through consoles. Regardless of the category you fall under, when purchasing a medium for playing your favorite game, it is also important to consider how you intend to transport your gaming devices from one place to another when the need arises. This is because simply carrying large gaming devices—laptop or consoles—about without some sort of protection can lead to you losing it or incurring some damage to your system.

As we all know, the traditional method of transporting these devices is with the use of backpacks. But the thousands of backpacks out there makes it quite difficult to choose one that can provide you with some sort of support as well as fit your personality, hence we recommend this list as a directory for choosing some of the best backpacks on the market. The backpacks on this list take into consideration the size and amount of stuff or items you carry about, therefore, they range from small, medium to large sized backpacks.

The Top 20 Backpacks for Gamers

The Asus ROG Nomad


As the name suggests, this backpack is obviously designed to carry laptops from Asus ROG G750 series of gaming laptops. And if you are an Asus fan, you would know how large laptops in this series can be. Therefore, the Asus ROG Nomad is built for large laptop ranging in the 17-inch level. The backpack also comes with a lot of compartments that makes it possible for you to carry every accessory you want from keyboards, gaming controllers, mouse and even your favorite coffee cup.

Ogio Renegade RSS Laptop


For near hobos who carry almost everything they own on their back, this backpack is definitely a great backpack for you. The Ogio Renegade is a large backpack that supports the carrying of 15-inch laptops as well as multiple components. The laptop comes equipped with a suspension system which helps you manage the weight you carry as well as multiple compartments where you can either store a tablet or an e-reader whenever you choose. Lastly, the Nomad comes with a scratch resistant pocket where you can store your lenses without scratching the surface.

Brenthaven Collins


When simplicity and functionality are what you look for in a backpack then the Brenthaven Collins backpack will definitely appeal to your sense of style. The backpacks created by Brenthaven helps you keep a low profile while still providing the space to carry everything needed for an early morning commute or a game run. The backpack comes with multiple compartments which you can take advantage of o fit in your gaming or working accessories with ease. The selling point of this backpack is that even after filing up every compartment, it still keeps the backpack slim profile.

Timbuk2 Aviator Travel Backpack


The Timbuk2 Aviator is basically a backpack built for commuters but it also can serve as a gaming bag for carrying both your laptop and gaming accessories. The backpack is made from 60% Polyethylene foam and Polyethylene Vinyl which gives it its lush feel. As expected, the backpack comes in multiple colors depending on your needs and they are equipped to provide a 10 to 15-inch laptop with carrying space. Also included in its frame are compartments that can hold extra accessories such as your mobile devices and glass shades.

The AmazonBasics Backpack for Laptops Up To 17-Inch


For those who prefer to use a hybrid backpack that can serve two purposes—as a gaming pack or be used in a professional setting—the AmazonBasic is the perfect item to fulfill these needs. The backpack is everything one would expect from Amazon for it is compact, comfortable and has multiple uses. The backpack is equipped to carry between the sizes of 7 and 17 inches which make it all-purpose for all types of users. It also sports extra components where you can store accessories such as tablets and your mobile phones.

Timbuk2 Command Laptop TSA-friendly Backpack


Here is another backpack from the Timbuk2 brand and it is truly a solid backpack for gamers looking for something big and well-designed for regular use. This backpack is heavily padded to provide your laptop and other devices from everyday wear and tear. The bag also comes in multiple colors which you can take advantage of if you are peculiar about style and its relation with colors.

Timbuk2 Rogue Laptop Backpack

The Rogue Backpack is a rugged bag built for carrying laptops in rugged terrain. It is made from Polyvinyl which also serves as a protection from water. The Rogue laptop comes in multiple colors and on its surface are external straps which can also be used to hold external baggage as you see fit. This backpack provides enough space to store laptops within the 10 to 15-inch size and external compartments to store your other accessories

Chrome Unisex Bravo 2.0


Although most backpacks marketed as waterproof are usually not but the chrome excursion truly delivers on its promises. And what it promises is a fully waterproofed backpack to carry your 15-inch laptop as well as other accessories. Its suave look also means you can use it both as a gaming backpack as well as your official office bag.

Incase Range Backpack


Yes, this multipurpose backpack is made by Incase the popular phone case manufacturer. The backpack provides a large space for storing your laptops as well as other accessories that come with it. The backpack has a padded interior which supports and protects your laptop from unexpected damages. There are also multiple organizer pockets lined around its edges that can be used to store whatever you want.

Mobile Edge Razer Tactical 17″ Laptop Backpack


As the name suggests, the back[pack was designed to cater to laptops in the extra-large category. Therefore for gamers using a 17-inch laptop. This bag should be viewed as something cool for commuting with it. It is made out of fabric and nylon using a rather portable design that hides its bulk. The Mobile Edge Razer is also water resistant which makes it great for outdoor use. Lastly, it comes with multiple compartments which are good for storing multiple accessories

Arcteryx Granville Backpack


This backpack lives up to the popularity of the Arrc*steryx brand in terms of style and look. It is equipped to provide carriage space for your laptops and one or two extra accessories. It is quite pricey due to the use of taped seams and its water resistant nature. Unlike the other bags on this list, the Arc*steryx compartment isn’t exactly large and can handle a 10 to 15-inch laptop. Lastly, its great color scheme which allows you to choose different colors also adds to its aesthetic beauty.

Lenovo Y Gaming Active Backpack


This backpack was designed to cater to the Lenovo brand but as with all good backpacks, it can be used for more activities. The Lenovo Y is equipped to carry laptops that fall into the 10-15 inch range and like most backpacks; it is sold as a waterproof backpack to save your items from weather elements. The backpack comes in multiple colours which add an extra aesthetic touch to the backpack.

Osprey Cyber Port Daypack


The popular Osprey brand also provides unique weather proof backpacks that can be used to carry your gaming devices and other smart devices. The bag definitely ranks high in the aesthetic department due to the fact that it is well built and comes in different color schemes. In terms of capacity, theCyber Port can be used to carry a 15-inch laptop, and on its back is a transparent waterproof opening which allows the owner make use of devices right from the inside of your backpack.

Herschel Supply Company Retreat Backpack


If you are looking to stand out of the crowd with your backpack, then Herschel Co is the way to go. The backpack is aesthetically designed using fine lines, coated polyester and leather laptop sleeves which finish its beautiful look. This bag is really spacious and can be used to carry large laptops in the 17inch range which makes it one of a kind. Users can also choose different sizes depending on their needs.

LowePro ProTactic 350 AW Camera and Laptop Backpack


The LowePro Protactic was built for cameras but this doesn’t take away the fact that it comes with a laptop compartment and that it is a great gaming backpack. For its size, the Protactic can be considered as beautiful for it is well designed and comes with enough compartments to store extra components. The backpack comes with extra attachment straps which can be used to store or hold more items you may consider carrying with you when on a job run.

Incase DSLR Pro Sling Pack


Rarely do very big backpacks look beautiful to log around when going out but the DSLR Pro succeeds at been both large and aesthetically pleasing to the average person’s eyes. This backpack can serve multiple purposes including gaming, camera holding, and hiking. T do this, multiple compartments are built into the backpack for the storing of the different accessories you use. It can also fit in a 10 to 17-inch laptop and still remain spacious enough to contain other large items. For gamers who also love photography, the DSLR sling back also provides a tripod hook to hold your tripod stands as well as a cover flap that waterproofs the entire backpack.

Cocoon NoLita II Laptop Sleeves


The NoLita was built as a vertical storage space for laptops and a variety of laptop components and gaming accessories. This backpack is beautifully made with Neoprene and lycra fabric which produces the lightweight effect associated with this bag. It is definitely aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and can be used in varied settings as a gaming bag or a work bag. This is due to its slim build which does not expand regardless of the load it carries. The NoLita is equipped to carry gaming laptops in the 10 to 15-inch range.

Hex Brigade Origin Backpack


Here is another aesthetically pleasing backpack which you can use as a gaming bag as well as for your early morning commutes due to its beauty. The Hex Brigade is built with a fatigue woven exterior that is quite attractive to view and touch. This backpack is also treated to be water resistant and it as a carrying capacity for a 10 to 15-inch laptop. As expected, some extra compartments are also built into it to allow you carry added accessories when on the move.

Eagle Creek XTA Backpack


The backpack is a beautiful one made to provide both a storage space as well as serve as a safety device for the user due to the built-in safety whistle. It includes a dedicated pocket for a 10 to 16-inch laptop. It is also billed as a waterproof carrier. You can choose different exterior colors according to what fits your personality.

Mobile Edge Alienware Vindicator Backpack



Here is a bag for those who love space and everything that has to do with sci-fi. The Mobile edge Alienware is beautifully made and is really attractive to view. It is also quite practical as it allows you store laptops as big as the average 17-inch devices out there. Attached to its glossy surface are also a couple of compartments which you can use to store various accessories. It comes in multiple colours but the black vindicator steals the show.

Here we come to the end of the 20 best gaming backpack list can consider using for their daily commute. As you can see, we endeavoured to provide something for every laptop size which means you can definitely find something good for yourself here.

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