The best fingertip grip mouse

Finding the best computer mouse requires some work upfront, work that will allow you to know what is possible and help you select the mouse that will not only help you control your mouse cursor with accuracy but will allow you have the least amount of hassle doing it.

Fingertip mice for most time come in handy if one is looking for a suitable gaming mouse, but they can as well serve to other purposes specially when you need to be able to use the computer mouse for multipurpose such as drawing or simply browsing the internet.

First-of-all, you should understand that a mouse being fingertip grip, claw grip or palm grip depend largely on the size of your hand and one of the common characteristic of fingertip mice are that they are small in size.

What is a fingertip grip

fingertip grip mouse

Fingertip grip

The fingertip grip is defined by the way you hold a mouse such as you are able to control it with the tip of your fingers.

As you can see on the image, the point of contact between the computer mouse and your hand are your fingertips.

Contrary to the palm grip mouse, this type of mouse afflict more fatigue to your hand, but you will trade its not so much of ergonomic feature for its ability to give you more precised and fast response.

Fingertip grip mouse advantages

Advantages of these sort of mouse sum up to the following

  • precision
  • speed

That is one of the reasons why they are suitable for gaming.

Best fingertip grip mouse list

The Razer Abyssus

SteelSeries Kinzu V2 pro

The Razer Orochi

The Sentey Gaming Mouse

CM Storm Spawn

The Roccat Pyra

The Zowie Mico
Zowie Mico

The Logitech G9X


450 / 1800 / 3500

400 / 800 / 1600 / 3200

Up to 6400

Up to 8200

800 / 1800 / 3500

400 / 800 / 1600

400 / 800 / 1600 / 3200

From 200 to 5000

Number of buttons




9 + 1 DPI Selector





Programmable buttons









3.8 Ounces

9.1 Ounces

1.1 pounds

13.6 ounces

12.8 ounces

8.8 ounces

3.2 ounces

5.4 ounces

Adjustable Weight



Adjustable Sensitivity













































Onboard Memory





Best fingertip grip mice

On the list below, mice are being listed with the following priorities

  • Good sensor
  • Quality built
  • Lightweight
  • Small

1 – Razer Abyssus


Razer Abyssus

The Razer Abyssus is a tiny efficient fingertip grip mouse, if you have a small hand this will be a good one to go with. (large hand? this mouse can be too small for your hand and will afflict more fatigue to it over time)

This mouse features:

  • 3500dpi
  • 3 Buttons Tuned For Ultra-Responsive Feedback
  • Hardware Toggles for DPI and Polling Rate

This mouse is well known to be perfect for almost all type of game, and are being used as a claw grip mouse as well.

One of the feature a fingertip grip mouse need is light weight, and this is one of the amazing advantage of the Razer Abyssus. it reduced fatigue over time since you will be either using this mouse like a fingertip grip or like a claw grip.

The Razer Abyssus allows you to customize its sensitivity (DPI) just by playing with the mall switch on the bottom of the mouse or through windows.

Bottom line, If you have a small hand, this is a mouse for you. It is precised and light weight, and it is worth the price you will pay for it.

2 – SteelSeries Kinzu v2 pro


SteelSeries Kinzu v2 pro

The SteelSeries Kinzu V2 pro is a compact lightweight mouse just like the Razer Abyssus. Since we are talking about fingertip mouse here, be prepared to find a lot of small mice on the list.

This mouse uses optical technology that operates at 3600 FPS and is able to support fast movement speeds. This is a computer mouse that will do everything an average mouse is capable of plus adding it to its specificity which is fast-paced FPS games.

The SteelSeries Kinzu V2 pro features:

  • 3 programmable buttons
  • Tournament grade optical sensor
  • Double braided nylon cord
  • Quickly switch between 2 CPI settings

This will be a nice bet for anyone taking a step up from a regular mouse but what many do not like a lot about this mouse is that it does not come with the software and running it without upgrading to its latest driver can negatively influence its performance

3 – Roccat pyra


Roccat pyra

The Roccat Pyra is one of my favorite light mouse much because of its look. It is a small  lightweight mouse that features:

  • 1600 dpi
  • Shift button, scrolling wheel, right and left-handed
  • switchable resolution
  • macro function

This mouse is a good deal and work pretty much perfectly on any platform, being Linux or others, but many have been complaining about windows updates altering the mouse functionality and making them to browse the internet to find a driver that will fix the issue.

4 – Zowie Mico

Zowie Mico

Zowie Mico

The Zowie Mico is a mouse that features Two thumb buttons on both sides that help it serve both left and right-handed users. Although the mouse was modeled for Claw grip, many have been finding it comfortable to use it like a fingertip, depending on the size of your hand, this mouse can both serve you like a claw grip and a fingertip grip.

One the advantage registered for this mouse is that, you need not any extra driver to have it going, it is a plug and play device.

it features an range of DPI which can be adjusted to 400 / 800 / 1600 / 3200.

The two thumb buttons on both side of the the mouse is what makes this device stand out from others.

5 – Logitech G9x


Logitech G9x

The Logitech G9X is one the most customizable mice on this list, it let you Interchange grips and makes you choose a fit and feel that’s best for your playing style and hand size. The two grips will fit all size of hands making this mouse almost good for anyone looking for an upgrade.

This mouse will not only serve well for gaming but will be a lot useful to CAD drafters and graphic designers looking for a faster and precised way to help control their cursor.

Among other settings it offers a Weight-tuning system that gives you up to 28 g of extra weight for personalized feel and control thus making this one of the most popular and used gaming mouse.

its DPI can be adjusted up to 5000 DPI on the fly.

6 – Razer Orochi


Razer Orochi

The Razer Orochi is a small portable and efficient gaming mouse, and is a strong rival to any other mouse operating in the same niche due to his robustness, its size and it weight.

it features an amazing 6400dpi 4G Laser Sensor, perfect for gaming grade tracking precision on the go due to its size and weight.

This mouse is wired/wireless. You are free to plug your wire in or use it without a wire which is good since lot of argument are often arising regarding the wireless mouse affecting the response time of the cursor to the mouse.

This fingertip mouse will allow you to use its software to customize it to your need and store all settings to the cloud provided by Razer, so you will have your setting ready to be use no matter what station you are using your mouse on provided it is connected to the internet.

One the downside of this mouse is the Bluetooth technology which in many case is not reliable on the long run. You can read the disadvantage of the Bluetooth here as far as mice are concerned.

7 – Genius GX-Gaming Maurus for FPS Professional Gaming Mouse


Genius GX Maurus

The Genius GX-Gaming Maurus X Mouse is a professional 6-button FPS mouse. It is a USB fingertip mouse aiming to give you the best response.

The Instant DPI switch button allow you to switch its DPI to 800/1600/2400/3200/4000DPI. This is one of the most good looking moure on this list, its looks astonishingly good while sitting on the desk and that is not all, it delivers.

This mouse will as well serve better for day to day use, one of the only problem encountered is its rounded shape and not so ergonomic feel depending on the size of your hand.

Some have been complaining about its size, but this FPS gaming mouse was modeled to be small and light.

This mouse is definitely for claw and fingertip grip types.

8 – Logitech G9X Gaming Mouse Call of Duty: MW3 Edition


Logitech G9X Call of Duty

The Logitech G9X Gaming Mouse Call of Duty was modeled for Call of Duty as its name says. it features DPI up to 5700 dpi, full-speed USB laser engine for game changing precision at any hand speed.

Like the ordinary Logitech G9X, you will be able to adjust the grip of this mouse to your like.

This mouse was built with the thought of ergonomic in mind. This is a mouse you can use for any daily activities requiring you to do extended repetitive action specially if you have small hands.

It features programmable buttons and on-the-fly adjustable dpi.

Unlike the Razer Orochi that stores information on the cloud, this mouse stored its information in an onboard memory. The onboard memory allows you to store up to 5 ready-to-play-profiles you can take anywhere.

This is a less expensive version of the ordinary G9X, thus a good way to go if you want a cheaper version of the G9X.

9 – CM Storm Spawn – Gaming Mouse with 3500 DPI Optical Sensor and Omron Micro Switches


CM Storm Spawn

The CM Storm Spawn features:

  • 800/1800/3500 DPI Presets
  • Mouse Settings Storage
  • Right hand Ergonomic style
  • 7 Fully Programmable Buttons

This mouse as you can see on the points above features a strangely ergonomic shape that will allow you have a space for all your fingers, reducing fatigue over time.

If you use a claw grip, a fingertip grip this mouse is a perfect for you.

The downside of this mouse is the frequent issue with its durability, for most it is not as robust as it looks like and the robustness will definitely be an area of improvement for the next generation of CM Storm Spawn.

10 – Sentey Gaming Mouse


Sentey Gaming Mouse

For its price, The Sentey Gaming Mouse offers an amazing DPI up to 8200 DPI, put to your use 9 Buttons and a DPI Selector.

Not a very popular mouse but you wont regret giving this beast a try. It looks unusually amazing sitting on your desk. Its shape give it a look of a quite imposing mouse.

it features ergonomic shapes and provide an additional detachable grip surface for resting your third finger while using it.

This mouse offers:

  • Up to 8200 DPI Resolution
  • 4 Levels DPI Level Preset
  • 12000 FPS Frame Rate
  • 4D 4 Way Scrolling
  • 30G Acceleration
  • 9 Buttons + 1 DPI Selector
  • 7 Macro Buttons
  • 5 Configurable Profiles

If you ever considered price-to-performance ratio like an important factor (higher-price higher-performance) while selecting a gaming mouse, you will need to revise your criteria while looking for you next mouse and will definitely benefit by giving this mouse a shot.


The best fingertip grip mouseFeaturesPrice
The Razer Abyssus
3 Buttons Tuned For Ultra-Responsive Feedback
Hardware Toggles for DPI and Polling Rate
The SteelSeries Kinzu V2 profingertip-grip-mouse
3 programmable buttons
Tournament grade optical sensor
Double braided nylon cord
The Roccat Pyra fingertip-grip-mouse
1600 dpi
Shift button, scrolling wheel, right and left-handed
macro function
The Zowie MicoZowie MicoDPI can be adjusted to 400 / 800 / 1600 / 3200.
Plug and Play (no drivers needed)
Easy to switch between left- and right-hand functionality
The Logitech G9X fingertip-grip-mouse
its DPI can be adjusted up to 5000 DPI on the fly
Interchangeable grips
Weight-tuning system gives you up to 28 g of extra weight for personalized feel and control
The Razer Orochifingertip-grip-mouse

6400dpi 4G Laser Sensor
Wired/Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity
Extended Battery Life
The Genius GX-Gaming Maurus X Mouse fingertip-grip-mouse
Professional 6-button FPS and can save up to 30 Macro Keys
Over-clocking SGCi: dpi in 800/1600/2400/3200/4000
Onboard memory to prevent game block
The Logitech G9X Gaming Mouse Call of Duty
Made for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: Features MW3 grips and mouse pad, plus night-vision green LED lighting
Next generation PC gaming laser: 5700 dpi, full-speed USB laser engine for game-changing
Nine programmable buttons plus on-the-fly adjustable dpi: Run and gun your way through kill streaks with dominating speed and accuracy
CM Storm Spawnfingertip-grip-mouse
3500 DPI Optical Sensor
800, 1800, and 3500 DPI Presets
Mouse Settings Storage: Sentinel-X TM 32 KB
7 Fully Programmable Buttons
Right-hand Ergonomic Claw-style
Ultra Swift Feet
The Sentey Gaming Mouse fingertip-grip-mouse
Gaming Mouse 8200 DPI
9 Macro Configurable Buttons
Weight Tuning Cartridges / Rubber
Replaceable Side Grip for 4 and 5 Fingers

Final thought

A fingertip grip mouse is highly related to the size of your hand and and choosing one is linked to the way you would like to use your computer mouse.

Most fingertip mouse are considered for the average hand size meaning if you feel like you have a small/big hand, you might want to double check if the normal fingertip mouse will still be fingertip to you.

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  • Markus

    I bought a razor abyss, this is a bit too large for my hand.
    This can be act like a hybrid mouse for a fingertip grip but why use a mediocre palm grip mouse if u have a finger tip grip.
    My College’s library has like $5 Microsoft mice that have indents for your thing and wedding finger to grip the mouse, it’s light, lighter than abyss and small, easy to maneuver and move with wrist.
    In comparison the Abyss doesn’t have any indents for your fingers to even grip it to lift it and move it comfortably. Wouldn’t recommend.