Handshoe Mouse vs. Vertical Mouse

The computer mouse has been a ubiquitous piece of technology that has become part of our everyday lives. They, along with keyboards, are considered the de facto input devices people use to take advantage of computers. Even touch hasn’t dethroned the good old mouse as the input method of choice.

For such a timeless hardware device, the design of the mouse has remained static. The traditional wrist down form factor of the mouse involves use of wrist to wrist, opening up the possibility of the user developing RSI (repetitive strain injury) later on in life. Based on this observation, many companies that manufacture mice are looking to address this issue. They are conducting considerable research and development into producing the next big design revolution that may mean the need of the traditional mouse as we know it.

Two of their recent products include the handshoe mouse and the vertical mouse. We take an in-depth look at both of them and whether their unique design is enough to dethrone the classic horizontally inclined mouse. We will consider things from the point of view of ergonomics primarily but will also go into their unique quirks as well.

The Vertical Mouse

3M-Ergonomic-Wireless-Optical-MouseHave you ever done a handshake? Of course, you have. But have you ever considered the feeling of stability and comfort that comes with putting your palm in that ‘handshake’ position? It is with this idea that companies are coming out with vertical mice, an ergonomically designed product that has more in common with flight pad joysticks than the traditional mouse.

These mice tend to place your hand in a perpetual handshake position, relaxing your tendons and significantly reducing the likelihood of you suffering from repetitive strain injury later on in life. This vertical mouse eliminates the likelihood of the bottom of your hand dragging on the mouse pad. Even the pinky can rest on an area that’s dedicated for it in the mouse, ensuring that you don’t rub your hand on a pad ever again. This feels natural and your hand grip feels relaxed and comfortable.

The vertical mouse is elevated enough for big and small hands alike and they also come in big and small form factors to consider people with too big or too small hands. Last, but not the least, these vertical mice do not require you to move them around so much, thanks to their higher DPI. The only thing new users need to get used to is the thumb pressing the left-mouse button on vertical mouse.

The Handshoe Mouse

ergo1According to the Ergonomics Laboratory at the Cornell University, the Handshoe mouse is, for all intents and purposes, the most ergonomic mouse choice currently. The name of this mouse is derived from the Dutch word for ‘glove’, which is fitting because the handshoe mouse also fits in your hands like one. This mouse doesn’t rely on wrist movement or hand movement. It relies on the arm to make the mouse move, whilst keeping the hand and the wrist in a comfy position at all times.

The Handshoe mouse comes in a variety of form factors: small, medium and large. There isn’t any one-size-fits-all philosophy. This is because the handshoe mouse excels at placing your hand in a neutral position and it takes into consideration the size of your hand. The high-resolution blu-ray sensor ensures the user exerts the minimal effort to control the mouse cursor on the computer screens. The handshoe mouse is considered the most prudent to use for your long-term health, thanks to the combination of ergonomic details it possesses. It rests your thumb and the rest of your hand in a relaxed position with the keys well within reach.

Final words

Both the handshoe and the vertical mouse are designed for maximum comfort and to eliminate some injurious medical conditions that may afflict your hands. The truth is that in today’s tech world, the risk of these injuries is more likely to occur than it used to. We use keyboards, touch screens and anything that can help us in ensuring a more comfortable and intuitive computing experience is welcome. We need input devices that please us. The handshoe mouse and the vertical mouse are a significant step in that direction.

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