Laptop touchpad moves

It is hard to get used to working on your laptop with no computer mouse when you have always been mouse-dependent while working on your computer like me.

When it is important to know that they are things you can not do using a computer without the use of a computer mouse like CAD drafting (That’s why 3D mice are being made), it is always not a waste to know more about what is possible while using a touchPad.

Laptop touchPads are most time underused.

Here are some tests you will need to put your laptop to, and the one that your laptop passes will enable you to increase your productivity using your laptop touchPad and might help you feel more comfortable using your laptop in the future.

Here are some laptop touchPad moves

Two finger click

Multitouch - Copy

An ordinary click using your computer touchPad is made by a gentle hit on the touchPad with a finger. Try using two fingers instead of one and you will be able to open the pop-up menu.

pop-up menue


Slide a finger on the right edge of the touchPad to scroll either up and down.

Multitouch - Copy (2)

Zoom in and out

This is so obvious but little known. We every use this technique on mobile devices like phones and tablets but fail to efficiently use it while working on laptop.

Place two fingers on the touchPad, move one of then away from the other while maintaining one of the fixed to zoom out and do the opposite move to zoom in. I personally use this one a lot while browsing the internet.

Multitouch - Copy (2)

Two finger scrolling

Scrolling can as well be accomplished by sliding two fingers on the touchPad.

Slide two finger at the same time in the middle of the touchPad to scroll up and down.

Multitouch - Copy (2)

Feel free to drop a comment and let me know what other move you are making use of while working on your PC.

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