Microsoft Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 Review

Microsoft’s new Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 appears to be a cross between the past unique designs that emerged from 3M and that of a conventional mouse. The most prominent feature of the Natural Wireless 6000 is the model’s impressive buttons and the wheel, rendering the mouse a unique shape. It also grants the effect of rolling your wrist up off your desk.

Users have often cited a number of problematic features pertaining to the location of the thumb buttons. Instead of than leaving them next to your thumb as in the case of conventional mice, Microsoft has elevated them with the plane of the central buttons, placing them in the dead zone between your forefinger and thumbs.

This implies that you have to move either your main finger or your thumb to get to them. While it gives an impressive design, making such a move interrupts an even mouse-flow and requires some time to get used to the feel of the mouse for grasping it. Reviews have suggested that placing the buttons on the thumb-rest would have been a wise choice.Microsoft-Natural-Wireless-Laser-Mouse-6000-Review

However, the scroll wheel makes up for the buttons as they have been cited to be the best ones users have encountered outside of Logitech’s superior MX Revolution mouse. Thanks to its responsive side-to-side tilt-based scrolling, users can easily work with large-sized spreadsheets and documents.

The Natural Wireless 6000 requires two included AA batteries to function. As mentioned before, users may need some continual use to get accustomed to the design of this mouse. With the angled wrist, it’s fairly convenient to move the mouse from one point to another by making use of your arm and not your fingers and wrist. When you combine this with the lack of pressure on the wrist it becomes one of the most convenient mice ever to be used.

If you use this mouse with a low friction mouse pad, it feels as if your hand is making smooth movements that flow across the desk. If the mouse is used while slouching, it may seem uncomfortable.

Microsoft-Natural-Wireless-Laser-Mouse-6000-ReviewWhen you grasp the mouse, you observe that the base is elevated enough that the ring and pinky finger may be placed against the side of the model and the middle and index finger can lie on the recessed grooves. The thumb buttons are located roughly over a centimeter above the thumb, however, are placed within comfortable reach, for moving back and forward while browsing.

The mouse’s buttons are delicately shaped for creating a perfect balance of convenience of clicking to avoid the problem of accidental clicking which has been a popular feature of several Microsoft-labeled products in the past. The outcome is just the right click with a pleasant sound to match.

Another fascinating feature of Microsoft Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 is its capability to magnify. This feature brings up a rectangle that can be customized both in depth of the zoom and size. A spectacular feature that is sure to help users with eyesight issues, the mouse not just magnifies text but also icons, graphics or anything that comes under the cursor. It actually outshines the Windows XP magnifier by providing detailed customization options.

Microsoft-Natural-Wireless-Laser-Mouse-6000-ReviewThe Gaming Toggle is also there and separate button functions for different applications can be set. Drag is noticeably less than most mouse items launched by Microsoft. Wireless performance can vary for every user. The Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 makes use of Microsoft’s standard 27MHz radio, which can be an extremely limited range for most of the users. Moreover, it is vulnerable to interference from other electronic gadgets including metal-cased desktop on the floor.

Most mice are comparatively flat, while the 6000’s elevated and rounded shape resembles something like a baseball. In fact, gripping the mouse with your two forefingers on the left- and right-click buttons is like preparing to throw a fastball. Not recommended to lefties, clearly intended for the right-handed.

Here are some unique features, pros and cons of the Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000:


  • Exclusive elevated ergonomic shape to keep your hand in a natural position
  • Customizable buttons with four-way scrolling


  • Effective and natural hand placement
  • Good battery life


  • Restricted Wireless range
  • Embarrassed scroll wheel placement
  • Requires standard AA batteries instead of rechargeable ones

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