Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Bluetooth Mouse H3S-00003 Review

The Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Bluetooth Mouse (H3S-00003) functions perfectly and serves perfectly on a wide range of surfaces without much trouble. It is a high-performance mouse designed to serve users, especially those individuals seeking a shift from touch screens and pads. It offers complete functionality with the all-purpose dedicated Windows button for taking care of zippy shortcuts, while it guarantees comfort with its soft and curved design that is optimized to provide relief.

Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Bluetooth Mouse H3S-00003 Review

Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Bluetooth Mouse H3S-00003 ReviewThe mouse has a distinctive feel, owing to the soft corners of the mouse in addition to a glossy and smooth top. It is visually gratifying and boasts the Microsoft logo notably lying just under the scroll wheel. Moreover, a blue Windows button stands apart evidently from the remaining black body section of the mouse. One of the foremost physical attributes of the mouse is the shape curvature.

A minor, left-side indent is created particularly for fitting the thumb and makes it easy to tap the Windows button if required. A power switch is present on the base of the mouse, next to a button to sync the accessory to laptop. The mouse’s bottom is shaped out of hard matte plastic to guarantee easy navigation on any all types of surfaces.

When you are not using the mouse, the power switch efficiently conserves battery power. The touch pad on the side gives you no trouble. However, there have been some less enthusiastic reviews about the back button. Also, if you click the touch pad, it will bring up the touch pad, which may not be quite handy as users may be used to clicking their thumbs for moving back.

One distinct feature of this mouse is that the left and right buttons don’t make much noise when you click. The scroll button is also good, ensuring you can scroll horizontally and vertically with ease. Furthermore, the clickable wheel of the scroll opens up a new tab in the browser window when you use it.

The mouse is optimized for Windows and makes use of Microsoft’s BlueTrack technology for better tracking and ensures smooth and trouble-free navigation. Thanks to the Windows touch tab, accessing the Start Screen and apps in Windows 8 is fairly easy and quickly. The wireless Bluetooth connectivity coupled with the Blue Track Technology, functions just about anywhere with no transceiver or dongle to lose from the park bench to the coffee shop.

Some of the benefits this mouse provides are:

  • The Windows touch tab provides easy and quick access to the Starts screen and apps
  • You get wireless Bluetooth without the need for a transceiver
  • 4-Way scroll wheel ensuring utmost convenient navigation for moving left, right up and down.
  • The BlueTrack Technology in the mouse ensures smooth operation on any surface
  • Manufactured for convenience and comfort
  • You can use this mouse with virtually any Android tablet

Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Bluetooth Mouse H3S-00003 Review 1It is fairly convenient syncing Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse with your Windows 8 notebook. If you look closely, a small button to loosen the top plate is accessible for removing or inserting batteries. After placing two AA batteries inside the slots, you can easily sync this mouse with a computer. It is important to remember that the mouse functions by means of a Bluetooth connection, which means that you need to use a notebook that is compatible with Bluetooth.

This may be somewhat restraining for a number of individuals, even though it also means that the user does not need to worry much about wires or extra devices to connect the mouse. At the bottom, there is a flip power switch for users to connect the mouse to a computer. The pairing takes place almost immediately. There is a light at the back of the mouse that flickers red and green for alerting the user that the device is all set to pair with the computer.

In case a person is using Windows 8, go to the Settings menu and click on Change PC Settings. Select Search for Devices for the Sculpt Comfort Mouse to appear on-screen on the Windows 8 notebook. This mouse is receptive, sensitive and intuitive. While navigating across your Windows 8 desktop, enjoy the quick responses from the cursor. The BlueTrack function does not work on glass or mirrored surfaces but it does work efficiently on most other materials.

The Sculpt Comfort Mouse has been designed to oblige to the gestures which are specific to Windows 8. When you press the Windows 8 blue button tab on the mouse’s side, you can alternate between the start screen and any other app which you have enabled. The mouse offers a comfortable and premium feel for making it an enjoyable accessory to be used with other Windows 8 gadgets. The product is priced reasonably, offering a wide range of shortcuts and gestures as well as a touch swiping feature.

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